The Wandering Uterus: tales of traveling while female, K.A. Laity & H. Byron Ballard, editors. published 2018.

This collection includes my chapter, “The Threshold of the Sheela,” which tells of a pilgrimage to Iona, exile, a Sheela-na-gig, and my ongoing frustration with St. Augustine and his views on women.



This journal is a resource for preaching and worship for those engaged in college ministry. My sermon, “The Canaanite Woman in an Interfaith World,” is included in the publication.



I was honored to be one of faith leaders who contributed to this unique issue focusing on “A Prayer for North Carolina.” My essay highlights my grandfather, also a Methodist minister, as well as the spiritual geography of the mountains of North Carolina.




To Transform the World

This book is a collection of essays about best practices and theology for campus ministry. Chapters were written by individuals with expertise in the area. I wrote Chapter 9, “Being Formed by the Spirit: Spiritual Formation and Christian Discipling with College Students.”

Courageous Spirit Voices from Women in Ministry

This book is a collection of essays, prayers, and stories which celebrate the 50th anniversary of full ordination rights for women in the Methodist Church. My essay, “I always wanted to be Julia Sugarbaker” is published as part of this collection.

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